April 29-30, 2022

Denton Bible Church Student Ministry Building
2300 E. University Denton TX 76209


Teen Sessions

Future Success Depends on Current Realities

Jeff Neal

Teens and Tech

Kyle Wassom

Anxiety Depression Suicide Pandemic

Mark Roberts

Parent Sessions

A Moms Perspective Changes Everything

Suzanne Manning (Crazy Cool Family)

The Power Of A Parent

Lori Kuykendall

Equipping Dad To Be The Leader In The Home

Don Manning (Crazy Cool Family)

Combined Sessions

Pursuing God As A Family

Don and Suzanne Manning (Crazy Cool Family)

The New Sexual Revolution

Lori Kuykendall

Sex Change Regret

Walt Heyer

Connection Experience : Connecting Heart To Heart

Richard Ross


Don & Suzanne Manning

We Are Don & Suzanne Manning with 30+ years of parenting experience and 7 kids of all ages.

Don is the CFO of a real estate company and serves on the elder board of Valley Creek Church, a church he and Suzanne helped start over 25 years ago.

Suzanne has invested her time as a teacher, wife, mom, homemaker, mentor, girl’s minister, speaker, writer, and most importantly an encourager to everyone she meets.

Together, we have a passion to help families rethink the way they do family-one relationship at a time.

Jeff is Associate Pastor of Discipleship at Gracepointe Church in Denton. He is actively involved in college ministry and travels all over speaking. He grew up basically a good kid who was raised in a good home. Growing up, he dreamed of playing professional football, but was always told he was too small and skinny and would never achieve his goal. When Jeff was 13 years old, he asked Christ into his heart. Through Him, he worked hard and was able to overcome many obstacles he encountered in pursuit of his dream. God even blessed him with a little height and weight. It was through His strength that Jeff achieved his goal to play professional football – and so much more!

Kyle is the Student Pastor at Bear Creek Church in Katy, Texas. He has been in Student Ministry for the last 15 years and has a passion for seeing teenagers know God and make Him known wherever they are. He is also passionate about families pursuing King Jesus together.

He gave his life to Christ at the age of 10 and sensed God’s call into full-time ministry as a high school student. Kyle met his wife Kelli when they were finishing up high school and have been married for 11 years. They have two wonderful daughters, Harper and Hadley.

When he’s not hanging out with teenagers, Kyle enjoys spending time with his girls, traveling the world, drinking boba tea, cheering on his favorite sports team, adding to his autograph collection, and enjoying an epic nap.

If you’re bored, feel free to Google “LSU Lorax”…he’ll share the story in his session!

Lori serves as the President and CEO of Medical Institute for Sexual Health, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Prior to that, she served on the MI Board of Directors, and assisted Dr. Joe McIlhaney in starting a national coalition for “a new sexual revolution.” Lori earned her B.S. in Community Health Education from Texas A&M University in 1994. She began working in the field of abstinence education at the student health center where she wrote a program called “How to Make Love without Doing It!” that was presented in college dorms. After she graduated, she was asked to write a unit text book for HealthEdco/WRS Group called “Abstinence: A Positive Choice.” In 1995, Lori took a position as prevention coordinator for the Women’s Pregnancy Center in Houston. In 1998, she co-founded a new 501(c)3 organization called Fort Bend ALERT (Abstinence Leadership, Education and Resources for Teens) which was awarded a federal Title V grant to provide abstinence education to 7 school districts. At that time, she also joined the Aim for Success speaking staff for two years. When her family relocated to the Dallas area in 2007, she worked at Aim as the Health Education Coordinator. She held several different non-profit leadership positions in the community, and then was asked to rejoin the AFS staff in May 2016. In July 2019, Aim for Success merged with Just Say YES- Youth Equipped to Succeed, where she served as Chief Program Officer. Her passion is helping young people and families be healthy – physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. She and her husband Chris have four children.

Mark is originally from Bryan TX but has lived in North Texas since 1993. After a long battle with mental-illness, hard drugs and alcoholism, Mark checked into the Denton Freedom House January 2009. After being set free by Jesus, he completed the DFH program July 2009, and in 2012 began serving as the Pastor of DFH and the Freedom Church until transitioning to serve as the Associate Pastor at C3 Denton from April 2017 – March 2020. Currently, Mark works as the Director of Counseling at First Refuge Ministries, and is a member at First Rock Fellowship in Aubrey. Mark holds an ABC3 Advanced Certification in Biblical Counseling with the Association of Biblical Counselors. He has over 12 years of experience working with individuals with mental illness and addictions, and served as a local Pastor in Denton for 9 years. He is joyfully married to Amanda and has two daughters, Clara Rose (5) and Jubilee (3). Mark loves Jesus, training in Jiujitsu, skateboarding, playing basketball, reading classics and eating fried chicken.

Richard Ross

Richard Ross has served as professor of student ministry in the Jack D. Terry School of Educational Ministries since 2000. His entire life has focused on seeing Christ glorified in the lives of teenagers and their parents and leaders. He served as a local-church student pastor for 30 years. Overlapping part of that time was 16 years of service as the student ministry consultant at LifeWay Christian Resources.

Ross prepared for investment in the lives of teenagers through bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD degrees. He has written over 20 books related to teenagers, youth leaders, and parents of teenagers. Each year he speaks and preaches in over 40 churches, conferences, and conventions.

God whispered the idea for the True Love Waits movement to Jimmy Hester and Richard Ross. The first promises of purity were made by members of Ross’ youth group in 1993. Today the movement has been embraced by 100 denominations and national student organizations in the U.S. and by over 100 countries. Interest in the movement has led Ross to appear on such programs as The Today Show, Nightline, and CNN Headline News—and to be interviewed by The Washington Post, The Washington Times, the New York Times, USA Today, Newsweek, Time, Life, Seventeen, and several hundred other newspapers and magazines.

Walt Heyer was a husband, father and corporate executive who underwent gender reassignment surgery at the age of 42, going from man to woman. Eight years later, Walt went back to living as a man again and has been restored to his male gender for 30 years and married for over 20 years. Now Walt brings a message of hope to others with gender confusion.

Walt is passionate about helping those who are dissatisfied with their so-called gender change to find hope as he did, and equally passionate about protecting children from irreversible medical interventions. He’s written over 50 articles for USA Today, The Federalist, Public Discourse and Daily Signal, and authored 7 books, including “Trans Life Survivors” and “Paper Genders.”

Walt Heyer has spoken at conferences around the world and his story has been featured in countless articles and documentaries. Walt has appeared on CNN, the BBC and Russia’s Channel One, and participated in scores of other radio and TV media events including Laura Ingram, Glenn Beck and Candace Owens.


Opens: December 1, 2020
Deadline: January 20, 2021

$150 per couple / $125 one parent
$25 per teen (age 13-18)

$200 family cap (must be from same immediate family)

Every teen must be accompanied by their OWN parent, step-parent, or legal guardian 


6:00pm-6:45pm Dinner
7pm Family Fun Night


8am – 4:30pm Information Sessions & Engaging Activities

Registration Includes conference and meals (overnight lodging is optional for an additional fee).

Registration is NON refundable but is transferable

For ages 13-18. Children under 13 will not be permitted, there is no child care available.

Every teen must be accompanied by their OWN parent, step parent or legal guardian.

Cost includes conference & meals. Lodging is optional for additional fee.



  • 1 in 10 sexually active girls get pregnant
  • 1:4 sexually active each year. 50% of all STI infections in US are to 15-24 year olds
  • Among 15-17 Year olds 72% boys and 73% girls have not had sexual intercourse. 52% boys and 63% girls have never had any sexual contact.
  • LGB (lesbian, gay and bisexual) Students 4x more likely to commit suicide than heterosexual peers. Questioning students 3x more likely to commit suicide than heterosexual peers.
  • 43% of children live in a fatherless home.
  • Fatherless homes account for most youth suicides, homeless/runaway children, high school dropouts, youths in prison
  • Average age of US children exposed to pornography is 12 years old and 1 in 3 10-year-olds view porn.
  • 73 out of 1000 girls in Texas age 15-19 get pregnant
Teens admit to sexting
Teen girls feel pressure to take & send explicity photos
Teen girls send nude or seminude photos of themselves
Teen boys send nude or seminude photos of themselves



The vision of P3 began from my passion to help parents and their teens connect heart to heart. I am a wife, mom, grandmother and active community volunteer. I am a classroom presenter with Living Choices of North Texas – a division of Woman To Woman Pregnancy Resource Center in Denton TX.  I, along with my husband lead Student Ministries at Lifegate Church. Having the opportunity to be involved in the lives of teenagers for over 20 years and raising 2 daughters 11 years apart, I have witnessed a cultural shock. I believe this is due greatly to the rapid changing technology sensation and the unlimited access available . Today, on average, children have a smart phone at age 10 – an internet metropolis of 24/7 access to anything and everything. Children (infants to teens) are the target of negative influence via technology now more than ever in history. Most parents know far less technologically than their children. I have realized while presenting life changing information to teenagers, that if the same information is not being implemented at home and if the relationship between parent and child is disconnected, what I teach will not have long term positive effects on students. Once the heart to heart pipeline is disconnected between parent and child/teen, the pipeline is quickly filled with negative influence of this culture. A strong relationship between parent and teen is essential to the overall well-being of that child. The heart of P3 is designed to strengthen parent / teen relationships and restore those that are broken.

Tim & Tesh Beaty

-Tesh Beaty


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