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Teen Sessions

Future Success Depends on Current Realities

Jeff Neal

Teens and Tech

Kyle Wassom

Anxiety Depression Suicide Pandemic

Mark Roberts

Parent Sessions

A Moms Perspective Changes Everything

Suzanne Manning (Crazy Cool Family)

The Power Of A Parent

Lori Kuykendall

Equipping Dad To Be The Leader In The Home

Don Manning (Crazy Cool Family)

Combined Sessions

Pursuing God As A Family

Don and Suzanne Manning (Crazy Cool Family)

The New Sexual Revolution

Lori Kuykendall

Sex Change Regret

Walt Heyer

Connection Experience : Connecting Heart To Heart

Richard Ross


Fight the New Drug

Fight the New Drug is a non-religious, non-legislative, educational organization that has presented to over a million people all across the globe.

They have over 6 million social media followers from all over the world and have worked with experts, researchers, celebrities, professional athletes, award-winning journalists, CEO’s, authors, influencers, and advocates from across all industries.

Gene McGuire

In 1977, Gene McGuire’s life as a free man ended.

He was one of three men involved in the late-night robbery of a bar. One of the men stabbed and killed the bar owner, and Gene was sentenced to life in prison without parole on a second-degree murder charge. He was 17 years old. Nearly 10 years later, after achieving influence in the prison culture of drugs, power, money, pornography and disdain for authority, Gene humbled himself and experienced a Christ-transformation.

After submitting to years of discipleship, Gene became a spiritual leader to thousands of inmates. With no hope for release himself, Gene instead developed a fruitful, fulfilling ministry within his world of incarceration. He became an elder in the prison church, developed small groups and yard Bible studies and led others who were also without freedom to true freedom in Christ.

Then, almost 35 years into his prison sentence, came an unexpected miracle. On April 3, 2012, Presiding Judge Russell D. Shurtleff addressed the crowded Wyoming County Courtroom in Pennsylvania. He ruled that Gene had been wrongfully charged, that his life sentence was reversed and that he had already served the appropriate sentence due. Gene was released a free man — no parole.

His story is riveting — from a life sentence of imprisonment to one filled with the power of God’s love, forgiveness and freedom, bringing hope to all.

I Am Second

Real people. Real Stories. Living for something greater than themselves. iamsecond.com #livesecond

Measured By Character

Measured By Character is about impacting one’s life, to make a decision that he or she wants his character to affect other peoples lives in a positive way.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation whose mission is to help find missing children, reduce child sexual exploitation, and prevent child victimization. NCMEC works with families, victims, private industry, law enforcement, and the public to assist with preventing child abductions, recovering missing children, and providing services to deter and combat child sexual exploitation.

Skit Guys

The Skit Guys, Tommy Woodard and Eddie James, use humor to break down walls for God's truth to enter.


Coming Soon

Opens: December 1, 2022
Deadline: February 20, 2023

$25 per person
Teens must be 8th-12th grade

*Due to the nature of the topics and in-depth discussions parents are advised to visit the websites of the speakers and ask questions to be confident your 12 year old is able to grasp and process the material.

Registration fee is non refundable but can be transferrable

Registration includes a t-shirt, packet materials, & meals for teens & their accompanying adult(s).

Meals will be provided for Friday evening, Saturday breakfast, lunch & final concluding meal on Saturday evening.

Due to limited space, meals for community members with no teens in attendance will not be provided. Thanks for your understanding. 


6:00pm-6:45pm Dinner
7pm Family Fun Night


8am – 4:30pm Information Sessions & Engaging Activities



  • 1 in 10 sexually active girls get pregnant
  • 1:4 sexually active each year. 50% of all STI infections in US are to 15-24 year olds
  • Among 15-17 Year olds 72% boys and 73% girls have not had sexual intercourse. 52% boys and 63% girls have never had any sexual contact.
  • LGB (lesbian, gay and bisexual) Students 4x more likely to commit suicide than heterosexual peers. Questioning students 3x more likely to commit suicide than heterosexual peers.
  • 43% of children live in a fatherless home.
  • Fatherless homes account for most youth suicides, homeless/runaway children, high school dropouts, youths in prison
  • Average age of US children exposed to pornography is 12 years old and 1 in 3 10-year-olds view porn.
  • 73 out of 1000 girls in Texas age 15-19 get pregnant
Teens admit to sexting
Teen girls feel pressure to take & send explicity photos
Teen girls send nude or seminude photos of themselves
Teen boys send nude or seminude photos of themselves



The vision of P3 began from my passion to help parents and their teens connect heart to heart. I am a wife, mom, grandmother and active community volunteer. I am a classroom presenter with Living Choices of North Texas – a division of Woman To Woman Pregnancy Resource Center in Denton TX.  I, along with my husband lead Student Ministries at Lifegate Church. Having the opportunity to be involved in the lives of teenagers for over 20 years and raising 2 daughters 11 years apart, I have witnessed a cultural shock. I believe this is due greatly to the rapid changing technology sensation and the unlimited access available . Today, on average, children have a smart phone at age 10 – an internet metropolis of 24/7 access to anything and everything. Children (infants to teens) are the target of negative influence via technology now more than ever in history. Most parents know far less technologically than their children. I have realized while presenting life changing information to teenagers, that if the same information is not being implemented at home and if the relationship between parent and child is disconnected, what I teach will not have long term positive effects on students. Once the heart to heart pipeline is disconnected between parent and child/teen, the pipeline is quickly filled with negative influence of this culture. A strong relationship between parent and teen is essential to the overall well-being of that child. The heart of P3 is designed to strengthen parent / teen relationships and restore those that are broken.

Tim & Tesh Beaty

-Tesh Beaty


National Human Trafficking Resource Center - Polaris Project

Missing and Exploited Children CyberTipline
or Report Online

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services - Report Child Abuse
or Report Online


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